There’s a Massage for That?!

Idiopathic Symptom & Syndromes

When your back is achy and tight and your body doesn’t bend as easily as the day before most people consider scheduling a deep tissue massage but not so much when they suffer from some other symptoms that  can just as readily be triggered by excess muscle tension. This series of articles will address these common issues that no one seems to connect with massage therapy.

Chronic Dry Cough / Bronchitis

Sinus Pressure / Congestion

Vertigo / Dizziness

Double Vision / Blurriness

Throat Spasms / Discomfort

Tension Headaches / Migraines

Shallow Breathing / Exercised Induced Asthma

Side Stitch / Cramping

TMJ Pain / Grinding Teeth

Numbness / Tingling

Menstrual Pain / Discomfort

Nausea / Stomach Ache

Arrhythmia / Heart Palpitations

Throat Spasms / Raspy Voice

Prenatal Symptoms

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