Real Results

We will begin by assessing your body by the way it moves and – more importantly doesn’t move – to determine the patterns of deviation affecting you.  The old adage of “everything is connected” is proven in ways you might never expect unless you experience them for yourself. We create a unique layout of sessions to relieve your current issues and prevent related referral areas from continuing to contribute to your problem areas.

If you find it suddenly uncomfortable to bend or twist in certain ways or you feel restricted or locked in a particular position this is the session for you. If you are interested in massage as a method of addressing your chronic aches & pains, general dysfunction, or other symptoms that have remained a mystery this is where to start. The end goal is to catch issues before they start and resolve the long standing area carried in our frames due to our unique history and experiences.

It has been said the body keeps score, and the body retains some of our traumas. As we release the muscles from tension we press reset in the receptors that retain our “muscle memory” that are sensitized to pressure and tone carried in the tissue. The method of approach can effectively “press reset” and leave a “blank tape” that can be filled in again. We create a list of actionable goals as we progress through the session plan to slowly teach the body a “new normal”. This therapy can stand alone but is most effective when clients seek to retrain their bodies with a trainer, PT, or in their personal journey. It is recommended to plan 3-6 sessions within 1-3 months to work through to find Resolution that lasts the tests of time.

For Resoultion sessions we ask that you arrive 20 min early for an assessment so we can customize the session for your particular situation. First time clients please allow 5 extra minutes for paperwork.

Book Now to start the Road to Recovery, we look forward to being with you on your journey!

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