Relax & Renew Massage
 Don’t settle for less. We reinvent the typical
massage. Giving an effective massage is both a science
and an art; we strive to excel in both approaches.
Why Clinical Massage? Why do you need this approach
above all others out there? Simple. You need relief from
the large structures of your body but you also need to
understand that we are designed to be fluid. We are more
fluid than solid.
We are not buildings but more akin the
sailboats. We have solid structures and we have flexibility.
We are not just scaffolding pulled by pulleys and levers as
most of us were taught. We are a dynamic of balance,
meant to be in motion. Sadly though many of us are still.
We set into patterns as we strive to fulfil our roles as
functioning members of society. We become still and this
causes stagnation in our tissues. It starts small but in a
matter of a few decades most of us have discernable
deviations from how our bodies are meant to function.

That is bad news, but the good news is this can be
corrected, and long term damage can be avoided if caught
early enough. This is the frontier on which we stand now
that we understand the muscles not as what holds us up
but instead as what propels our motions. Our skeleton
doesn’t hold us up either. 

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