1 Hour $85
90 Min $125
2 Hour $155
Each session includes Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, and Clinical techniques as needed to bring relief. All modalities are included in the price of service
Hot StoneĀ 
Heat and friction are the two key pathways to unlocking myofascial adhesions. I use hot stones as an aide to Deep Tissue work in unlocking and resolving all the bound-up adhesion within tough muscle tissue. This is not your typical hot stone experience but an integrated piece of the process and as such it is included with every massage at no additional cost along with hot towels.
Trigger Point
Trigger Point
Clinical Techniques
This modality is crucial for hunting down the tricky pathways and referral networks that cause pain in one place that is actually caused by tension in another. I have spent years memorizing the known pathways to sussĀ out the unique patterns my clients inevitably bring to the table. It never ceases to amaze me how the most inconspicuous of areas can be causing the most confounding effects throughout our bodies, or how much relief it brings to my clients as they finally resolve.
Deep Tissue
This modality when applied correctly and sparingly will be the key to releasing stubborn muscle tissue after the myofascial tissue has begun to respond to the heat and friction that begin the work. This is where my deep understanding of how the body is wired together sets me apart from other massage therapists. I have over 2000 hours and over 10 years of experience in advanced massage therapy so you can be assured that I will know how to trace those stubborn knots back to their roots.

Myofascial Release

If your muscles feel sore and tight, and your typical massage has left you feeling like it hardly scratched the surface then chances are very good that you have myofascial adhesion keeping your muscles glued in place. Pressure alone is not effective in addressing the adhesive connective tissue that encases your muscles. This modality is a game-changer and is utilized when needed. This modality is still gaining traction in the massage therapy industry but I have been treating it for more than a decade. You will be amazed at what a difference in can make
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