Why Clinical Massage?

When a new symptom or chronic condition suddenly flares up “out of the blue” don’t waste your resources on massage chains who often don’t have the training to fully address your primary areas of discomfort and dysfunction. We have advanced knowledge of pain referral patterns in both muscle and connective tissues and are well equipped to assess your body by the way it moves-or doesn’t- to determine the patterns of deviation affecting you.  The old adage of “everything is connected” is proven in ways you might never expect unless you experience them for yourself. We create a unique plan every session to relieve your current issues and prevent related referral areas from contributing to your problem areas.

We know how to relieve your chronic aches and pains without excess pressure or discomfort. We have a decade of experience perfecting our techniques and achieving stellar results. The quality of our work is hands down next level. Come and see for yourself the difference clinical application makes for your next massage.